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Site Updates, All Charge Content Removed -- Droid Charge, EOL (End Of Life)

All Verizon Charge content has been removed from this web site. I've said it before and I'll say it again... this phone is EOL (End Of Life). There is no support for this phone any more.

This page will no longer be updated for the Droid Charge and all content from the site has been removed. The Droid Charge has been classified as EOL (End Of Life) by Verizon Wireless and will not be supported at all in the future. Yes, that means no ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) for the Droid Charge which I was already highly skeptical about it ever coming to the phone in the first place.

Third-party developers are already running from this phone like rats from a sinking ship. As a user of the Droid Charge, if you have an opportunity to get a new phone and dump the Droid Charge, then by all means... do it ASAP! Don't pass go, don't collect $200, just get yourself a new phone with any way possible to you. The Droid Charge will no longer be supported by Verizon Wireless, it would be in your best interest to start looking for a new phone now.

Hell, even Verizon Wireless is no longer selling new models (factory boxed) of the Droid Charge, they are only selling older refurbished models which I'd not suggest buying at all! They have even removed the word "Droid" from the name of the phone and have been calling it simply "Charge." It is no longer a flagship phone, it has been abandoned.

There have been a number of great new phones that already come with ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) on the phone from the factory that have much better hardware than the Charge. Get one of them now if it is possible!

Some people have asked why you think that the Charge is EOL. Well... look at Verizon Wireless's web site. They are giving the phone away for free! Great deal. Right? But let's think about it. Why are they giving it away for what seems like a song? Because they are trying to unload what inventory they have left to make room for newer phones. If that doesn't sound like a desperate move on behalf of Verizon Wireless, I don't know what is. It's like they want to dump these phones as quickly as possible. Don't let that price tag of Free fool you, you aren't getting as good of a deal as you think you are. Just read the reviews for the phone; complaint after complaint after complaint. Do yourself a favor, don't get the phone even if it is free. The Charge is an embarrassment to other Android phones.

I've been on the Galaxy Nexus for over three months and keeping up with the changes and updates to the Galaxy Nexus is nearly a full time job. I don't have the time to keep up with the Charge anymore. I barely updated this site after I got the Galaxy Nexus and all of the Charge info ended up getting out of date very quickly.

The new Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) is a great new phone if you're not into the rooting and ROMing scene of the Galaxy Nexus. Get it, it's a great phone. Every review of the phone has been outstanding. You'd be a fool to pass it up.