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Rooted and ROMed my Droid Charge

Well… after some time of owning the Droid Charge, there were some annoyances that the phone had that a lot of people were having with the phone.

  • Bloat was one of the issues that people had a lot of problems with, Verizon really piled the bloatware on it.
  • Lack of Gingerbread.
  • Unstable data connections.
  • Lockups, freezes, etc.

So I turned to the Android Community to get some help.  Everyone told me to go ahead and root and ROM my phone.  Obviously I didn’t walk into this with no information, I started asking exactly how to do it in a step-by-step manner.  I don’t know if I annoyed some people with my questions but I needed to know how to ROM my phone.

So I did.

My first adventure into third-party ROMs was with GummyCharged FE (Froyo Edition) 2.0.  It was like breathing new life into my phone!  The phone worked and worked wonderfully, no more slowdowns, no more freezes, etc.  GummyCharged made me love my phone again!

Then came GummyCharge GBE (Gingerbread Edition) 2.0.  Finally, Gingerbread on the phone like the way it should’ve been released.

All in all, this phone should’ve come with Gingerbread, not Froyo.

But one of the things that annoyed me the most is that it took the Android Community to fix this phone and turn it into a reliable device.  Shouldn’t that be Samsung and Verizon’s job?  Oh well, at least the phone works and works well.

Check out the Tutorials for the Samsung Droid Charge link on the right side for all you need to root and ROM your Droid Charge.