Android vs. iOS 8

I’ve been reading a lot regarding iOS 8 and the new iPhone 6/6+ and I have to admit I do kind of feel jealous. As much as this might sound like heresy, I really do feel a tad bit jealous.

A lot of things that I have nitpicked Apple about in the past have largely been resolved in iOS 8. The inability for apps to talk to other apps was one thing that I couldn’t stand, this has been resolved using application extensions. Not having this meant not having the ability for Lastpass to integrate into the web browser. Third-party keyboards are now finally a reality on iOS 8.

I have to admit that for the first time since I have picked up Android, I am in fact jealous of the changes that Apple has brought to the platform. They may very well have a winner on their hands that might very well take a lot of people away from Android.

Well, it certainly doesn’t help when the Android OEMs decide to take pure Android and throw it through the meat grinder and what comes out the other end is a bastardized version of Android. I’m looking at you Samsung! You’re the biggest offender.

I have already decided that my next device isn’t at all going to be a Samsung device. Their lack of Android updates have been a real turnoff for me as of late. Not only that but TouchWiz is starting to feel like a real boat anchor to me lately. I’m really not sure what device I’m going to get next time around but I can definitely tell you, it’s not going to be a Samsung device (that’s for sure!).