My iPhone Experience… Four Months Later

I have had my iPhone 6 Plus for four month now and like anything there’s some things that annoy me about it.

The biggest issue is that sometimes, for no reason at all, Safari on my iPhone 6 Plus will trigger a full page refresh of tabs in Safari. Some people say that it’s because the iPhone still only has 1 GB of RAM whereas most Android phones have 2 GBs of RAM and sometimes even 3 GBs of RAM and that often times is one of the biggest criticisms that hardcore Android users say about the iPhone.

I have done a lot of experimentation on my iPhone. I’d open two tabs in Safari and then go back to the home screen. I would then proceed to open an app, play with the app for a couple of seconds, close it, open another app, play with it, close the app, open another app, lather, rinse, repeat. Every five apps I’d open and play with I’d go back to Safari and check it, my tabs would still be there and not cause a page refresh. Strange. So I would repeat the open app and play with it scenario with five more app and then check Safari again, no page refreshes. What’s going on here? I would have thought by now that I would have exhausted the system RAM and would have triggered a page refresh in Safari; but I didn’t. Very weird, very weird indeed.

Sometimes these Safari tab refreshes would be completely random and the strangest part is, I can’t manually trigger a page refresh in Safari even though I pushed the device pretty damn hard.

One of the greatest thing that I love about the iPhone is that it gives the best battery life I’ve ever seen in a mobile device.

Let’s take a look back at the time I had a Samsung Note 3. I would wake up in the morning after having the phone charging all night. I would go to my computer and put the phone next to me on my desk. I would most often do this on my days off from work. I would just let the phone sit there; I wouldn’t touch it, I wouldn’t do anything with it. It would sometimes sit there for two to three hours at a time without anything being done on the phone. And what was the battery life? 95%, sometimes even 92%. What the hell?! I wasn’t using the device, it was just sitting there doing absolutely nothing. Why did the battery drain that badly? I’ll never know. There’s no reason on this Earth that a device that was just sitting there doing absolutely nothing with no one touching it for hours on end should be down 5% to 8% on the battery.

Compare that experience to the iPhone. I unplugged my iPhone at 10:30 AM this morning. It’s 2:30 PM now. Same exact scenario plays out, nobody touched the phone for four hours. What’s the battery life on my iPhone 6 Plus? 100%. Yes, 100%! I have been able to go as much as three days on a single charge on my iPhone 6 Plus. Last night my battery was at 27% and that was after three days and during the third day I was streaming NetFlix for nearly an hour on LTE and we all know how LTE can chew through your battery like a child to a juice box.

Overall, the Apple iPhone has got to be hands down one of the best mobile devices I’ve ever owned. The battery life is one of the best in the industry. Everything just works. I can’t say that about Android. Android is a hot mess; it’s garbage.

Last updated on Friday, June 5th, 2015 at 1:33 PM by trparky.