Author: trparky

Microsoft… you halfwits!!!

Microsoft released KB4524147 to fix the printer issues that were introduced with KB4522016. Too bad they broke more stuff! According to BetaNews, people are reporting broken Start Menus with this update.

Printer-fixing KB4524147 update is breaking the Start menu in Windows 10

For me, it didn’t break the Start Menu but like the previous update, the Action Center was broken. This means I can’t dismiss notifications and I can’t reconnect to Bluetooth headphones using Windows Key+K since that part uses the same overlay that the Action Center uses.

Windows 10… an unmitigated disaster

Recently Windows 10 has been plagued by a series of not just one but several Windows Updates that have had to be pulled from distribution because of, as Microsoft puts it… “unforeseen issues”. Unforeseen? Yeah… only because you fired your whole entire software QA team!!! Now had you, Microsoft, actually kept your internal software testing …

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