Author: trparky

Disabled CloudFlare…

I had to disable CloudFlare on this web site, it was messing up a lot of things like renewing my Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out the how and why it wasn’t working. Not only that but there were a lot of things that the free plan that I was using didn’t allow me to do and that I’d have to upgrade paid services and for a web site that generates me no money, I can’t see myself as wanting to put the money into that level of CloudFlare service. The free CloudFlare plan is just too restrictive for me. For instance, I wanted it to cache dynamic pages since WordPress pages are dynamically generated and oh yeah, you need to pay for that! Nope. That’s not going to happen.

Everything has gone back to the default name servers to get this site back up and running.