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I built an AMD Ryzen system…

So the system that I gave my father that had an old Intel Core i5 3570K was showing signs of instability. Well, I did have the chip overclocked for quite some time to 4.4 GHz when I was still using the system so who knows, perhaps the overclock for three years resulted in a degraded chip. Anyways, we did a quick trip to Microcenter and got a cheap B450 board and a Ryzen R5 2600X and put a new system together while cannibalizing some parts from the previous system; mainly the video card, hard drives, case, fans, and power supply.

When all was said and done, we had a new system for under $400. A new motherboard, processor, RAM, and a 1 TB NVMe SSD. I have to admit, it was quite fun being able to build a system with AMD again after so many years going with nothing but Intel. I did have to downclock the memory by 33 MHz due to slight system instability but that’s all I needed to do to fix it. It was fun building it, it’ll probably last him a good five years.