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Samsung… Is it the end of their reign in the kingdom of Android?

Samsung’s past smartphones may have been innovative but their recent crop of devices have nothing but minor additions to past models. Simply put, they have been riding the coattails of their past Galaxy phones and most people have noticed that. That and the fact that even a two year old device still can meet the needs of most people. Most people don’t need the latest and greatest quad-core CPU equipped smartphone when their year old quad-core CPU equipped smartphone can still do what they want it to do.

Not only that HTC has really gotten back into the game and has really started to innovate as of late with very well crafted designs and ideas. Recent Samsung smartphones have all been a variations on a theme, not much to get excited about. Samsung may have sat on the Android throne in the past but we’re starting to see that reign coming to an end.

Recent versions of TouchWiz has gotten even more bloated and messy. Motorola and the Moto G and Moto X are all very decent phones. For those looking for a budget Android without all of the negatives that have come with budget phones in the past, the Moto G is a great device.

Again, most of the profit loss was from their smartphone division. Now they are investing heavily into semiconductor research, development, and manufacturing. What does this mean? Possibilities for more sustained growth.