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Intellectual Property Theft, Manufacturing, and China

We have seen time and time again that China doesn’t care at all about the intellectual property of products produced/invented by western companies and manufactured in China. You can see how they don’t care by going to eBay and seeing all of the various cheap knockoff items being sold on eBay that look like the real product yet is anything but the real product. Why? Because China absolutely does not give a damn about the intellectual property of western companies.

So I ask, why do western companies keep dealing with a country that does this? Why do they keep dealing with China knowing that their intellectual property is being stolen from them? What we’re doing is compared to inviting the thief into your home, telling them that they can just help themselves to your TV or whatever they want to steal, and telling them that it’s absolutely fine to do so.

I can’t wrap my head around why we keep doing this knowing what China is doing.