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DSLReports, you are dead to me…

I talked some time ago about how I stepped away from DSLReports, I went back to the site after a month of not visiting it and kept going to it for some time until I once again got into it with the moderators over what was essentially very stupid stuff.

I don’t agree with a lot of the community and this is where I got into it with the moderators on several occasions which usually involved my posts being removed with no way to repeal the decision, or at least the moderators gave me the idea that they didn’t give a crap. They didn’t even care about the fact that I’ve been there for over ten years, I donated to the site and otherwise was considered to be an MVP. No, it appears that if you didn’t toe the site’s company line and agree with the community at large, the moderators tended to act like jackbooted thugs.

I’ve since moved to TechPowerUP and in the two years there I’ve not gained the ire of the moderators. Well OK… I did once but that was it and I’ve not had any run-ins with the moderators since. They tend to apply a rather light touch when it comes to moderating at TechPowerUP whereas at DSLReports it often felt like you were having Thor’s Hammer from the Marvel movies come down on your head. Sure, there are times when the moderators have had to step in but they usually let threads progress without any intervening unless of course things got really out of hand.

Oh… and they’re not nearly as politically one-sided at TechPowerUP. I’m participating in two threads in the lounge forum and I’ve on multiple occasions expressed political opinions that make me appear to lean to the right, this very act alone on DSLReports would have had me banned for a week (or more) simply by leaning right. If you didn’t get the idea that DSLReports is run by a bunch of leftists, you weren’t reading my post.

So yes, DSLReports… you are dead to me. I won’t be coming back. You lost a long-time member and I don’t care.