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Verizon Wireless Sucks!!!!

I hate Verizon Wireless because I can’t even use them as a cell phone provider in my community of Cleveland, Ohio.  Why can’t I use it?  It’s because Verizon Wireless service sucks in my area.  It’s worse than useless.  I don’t even use my phone as an actual phone to call people because I’m afraid I’m going to drop a call, yes… I drop calls, lots of them!  I might get two bars of service but that depends upon whether or not a bird is flying over my house at the time but most of the time I only have 1 bar of service.  No, it’s not the phone itself, I have tested with other phones as well and they too only register 1 bar of service in the area.  I have talked to other people who live in my area and they too have admitted the Verizon Wireless sucks in my area.  It’s so bad that I have to practically stand on one foot in hopes that the call won’t drop.

Not only that but people have told me that I sound like I’m in a tunnel.  Only thing that I can possibly think of is that so much of the data that is supposed to represent my voice on the network is being lost and/or dropped due to bad network coverage.

I have talked to Verizon Wireless Technical Support multiple times (they probably have a list of complaints from me as long as my arm) and they have supposedly sent one of their roving vans to do a site survey of my area and they have even admitted that my area is a marginal service area and that they need to install another tower to service the area properly.  Do they have plans to install another tower?  Nope, none whatsoever!

And I know… you’re going to say get a Network Extender.  But that doesn’t help me one bit for the coverage issues outside my house and around my community that have been plaguing the area for almost six months now!

It wasn’t always like this.  When I signed up for service two years ago things were great.  Speeds were great, I didn’t drop calls.  Fast forward to about six months ago and their network went to shit.  I have no idea why.  New trees?  New buildings?  I have no idea.  All I know is that Verizon Wireless service sucks now.

Outside my small area of where I live service is still marginal at best.  The phone that I have is a 4G LTE phone but because 4G LTE coverage is marginal at best my phone’s battery takes a hit because the phone is struggling to keep a signal with 4G LTE.  Yeah, I could force my phone to only use 3G CDMA data but that would result in data speeds that are just plain horrible.  Oh, I forgot to mention that Verizon Wireless’s 3G CDMA data network is also horribly overloaded.  You can’t stream media at all on the 3G CDMA data network for it results in constant buffering.  So not only do I have a problem with dropped calls but I also have issues with 4G LTE coverage and a 3G CDMA data network that’s next to useless!

And it’s not just my small area either.  I have gone into other parts of my city and coverage is just as bad.  I’ve even gone into the more affluent areas of my city where houses cost half a million dollars or more and according to the map I should have 4G LTE coverage there but 4G LTE service is nowhere to be found.  They’re still puttering along at 3G CDMA speeds on a 3G CDMA data network that’s way overloaded as well!

To sum this all up, Verizon Wireless service in Cleveland, Ohio and the surrounding metropolitan area sucks!  And it seems that Verizon Wireless has no interest at all in fixing the service issues in my area.  You don’t have to search very long on Google to find reports about Verizon Wireless service in Cleveland, Ohio being bad just like I’m reporting in this blog article.

Listen up Verizon Wireless!  If you have no interest in fixing the glaring network issues in Cleveland, Ohio and surrounding communities, let Cleveland, Ohio customers out of their contracts and allow us to move to a service provider that is willing to provide better service than you are!  And with no Early Termination Fee!!!!