Introducing a new free program from me called Hasher. This program is very similar to another program originally written by Karen (RIP) of Karen’s Power Tools. This program is a new rendition of Hasher written in a more modern programming language and framework, namely the Microsoft .NET Framework whereas Karen’s tool was written in VB6 (which is decades old).

The program is fully multi-threaded with all hashing happening in the background in a separate thread. There’s also support for selecting multiple files from Windows Explorer to hash and instead of opening several windows (because of limitations in Windows itself) the program supports inter-process communication to bring those multiple files into one window. No more multiple windows, Hasher takes care of it for you thanks to its built-in named piped IPC server.

Not only is the program free to use but it’s also completely open source for anyone to read and contribute changes to the source code. In fact, I encourage those who do know how to program to contribute changes to the code. Right now, the program is very stable at Version 7.6 Build 4 (Internal Version/Revision 14).

Download Hasher today by clicking here. All source code is available at GitHub located here and is available as open source. Any and all issues and/or crashes can be submitted here at the official Issue Tracker hosted by GitHub.
(SHA1: AEAE15320E8FC6FFA4E3A86409377F2297E421DF)

Note: Hasher is now in maintenance mode, all development on new features has stopped; only bug fixes from this point out. If anyone wants to help out in this project, I’d be happy to accept it. Just make a pull request on GitHub and I’d be happy to merge it into the dev branch for testing and later inclusion in the release channel. Or better yet, if someone wants to fork the project… be my guest. Go ahead and do so.

Last updated on Saturday, December 30th, 2023 at 7:21 PM by trparky.