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I moved my web hosting from Rochen to HostGator. I still have some things that need to be setup still but rest assured that I will get everything back up and running in short order.

As of right now, all downloads for my programs should be working as of right now and all version checking functionality should be working as well.

WordPress is running very well on this new server, far better (and faster) than it was running on the server that I was on at Rochen. So far, HostGator seems to be working pretty well for me.

  • Kelly Robinson

    Is anybody concerned about the spyware built into windows 7???
    I discovered this after a windows 7 update deleted a file that was important to me (overnight during a windows 7 upgrade). I searched the internet and found a site that mentioned that I could use free software that restores lost files on a HDD.
    I wound up using Puran File Recovery which found over 1,000 power point files that had been deleted from my HDD. I never use power point and power point was not even installed on my computer. I went online to download a power point viewer. After installation I attempted to recover and read these files. Microsoft built in a marker so that their viewer could not decode these files. Back to the browser– there are other free file viewers that read power point files. It was at this point I discovered that windows 7 records things that Microsoft wants to keep track of on YOUR computer. Windows 7 gathers the info that Microsoft wants to know about you, puts it into a power point file, sends it to big brother and then deletes same from your HDD. Now that I have told you how its done, don’t you want to see what data Microsoft spies are watching you do??
    Like I noted above, I found over 1,000 files that spies extracted from my computer—-Do you care about what they are learning about YOU???