Introducing MBackup, a Mozilla profile backup program similar to MozBackup. As of right now, MozBackup is no longer under development. I have reached out to the developer of MozBackup a couple of months ago and received no reply in over six months. Either he’s no longer available, no longer works on the project, or he’s dead and we don’t know it yet.

Whatever the reason, I felt that a new program needed to be made to easily backup and restore Mozilla-type profiles.

This program will backup Seamonkey, Firefox, Thunderbird, IceDragon, Palemoon profiles. It also has support for Google Chrome like profiles as well. The whole concept of the program is to be able to make transporting profiles easy and quick. Select your profile in the list and click Backup. It will then make a compressed ZIP file containing your browser profile and all related files.

Starting with 1.0 Build 4, I have relaxed the requirement for the Microsoft .NET Framework from version 4.5 to 4.0, this makes it so that Windows XP is now supported. Build 3 and earlier required .NET 4.5 because I had not yet found a suitable ZIP compression library and .NET 4.5 had ZIP file compression libraries as part of the framework. I have since found a suitable ZIP compression library (ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll), thus I have been able to relax the requirement back to .NET 4.0.

If you have Build 3 (or earlier) and you update to Build 4, the updating process will download the required ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll DLL file and place it in the same location as that of the program so updating and downloading required program components will be seamless.

System Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
Version: 1.1 Build 5

Version 1.0 Build 7 includes some major fixes to accommodate profile names that have a “.” in them. Before they weren’t being handled properly and would result in the wrong profile being backed up.

Download for free today! (SHA1: ABF4545829E67B119285B92E0EA7F076052FA7BE)

  • I run what OS i want

    Do not tell me to upgrade or should I say downgrade my OS, I do not want windows shit 7 or fart 8, mind your own business

  • any Screenshot?

  • AlexF

    Not recognizing fossamail profile

    • trparky

      I have just updated the program to recognize FossaMail.

      • AlexF

        That was fast, thanks!

  • MNd

    Don’t see the option to backup Thunderbird. Only Firefox, Chrome, Chromium.

    • trparky

      It’s supported Thunderbird from the beginning. Where is your Thunderbird profile located?

      • MNd

        Stumbled upon this page again while clearing bookmarks and replying a bit late on my side. But to answer your question.

        Default install location and was using Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Was going to use this to backup profile before I did a clean install of Windows 10 and the program could not detect Thunderbird for some odd reason. I know the program supported it too. It would only show the previously mentioned programs and never Thunderbird ever. I ended up using MozBackup (even though it was outdated) and restored on Windows 10. To see if the case held true with my Windows 10 installation… happy to report that Mbackup sees Thunderbird this time.

  • StrayCat

    Many thanks for this little gem.
    Could you please add an option to browse for the profile folder to make a backup of a portable version of for instance firefox.

  • Anne Evelyn Richmond Harris

    I can here through a link with Delphi forums. I use FF for my forum as I like that I can change colors and other fonts in my posts. Anyway, while I was away for the winter I had my computer worked on as I was having problems with it running slow. The “Tec” who worked on is supposed to know how to work on Mac computers, but I think he did not know as for just about 2 months now since I returned back home I began having Pop Ups, etc, etc. However, I learned that somehow he must have goofed as my Firewall was off and thus the reason for all the junk and Pop Ups. Friday a Mac Tec straightened everything out, but it re-installing everything it left me without the Grease Monkey to keep my forum in Delphi hooked up with the Rich Editor. Thus another issue as I also go to FaceBook to play Farm Town. Now I can not use Google of Safari in Facebook and I can not copy and paste in my own forum as I do not have the FF Editor. Google Browser will not allow me to copy/paste and now FireFox won”t either as the Editor is not there. I need instructions on how to attach the Editor. I can not use Microsoft instructions on the Mac computer.

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