So why not just install Classic Shell?

That’s the argument that I see a lot of folks say when it comes to all of the obvious weaknesses that Windows 8 has on the traditional desktop. The answer that a lot of people put for forth is… you guessed it. So why not just install Classic Shell? It’s free, you can get the Start Menu back on Windows 8. What’s to complain about now?

Hmm… Classic Shell, you say? I’d need way more than that to have Windows 8.1 look even close to past versions of Windows.

First I’d have to get WindowBlinds ($9.99) because Microsoft arbitrarily decided that they would remove Areo. Seriously? Why?! Aero was nice, I liked the translucent window borders!

Second I’d have to get ModernMIX ($4.99) because I can’t stand the even few times I have to go to Metro land to change some damn setting that oh crap, you can’t change that in desktop land… you have to do that in Metro land and meanwhile we’re going to assault your eyes while transitioning to it.

That leaves the traditional Start Menu. You could go with Classic Shell but while you’re already using several Stardock programs you might as well use Start8, that’s $4.99. At this point you’re going to have to spend $20 for various Stardock programs. Or, better yet… get Windows 7 that you don’t need to buy all of that just to have Windows look and behave like Windows should look and behave.

Sorry Microsoft, again, as I have said in past blog entries here… you really screwed the pooch with Windows 8/8.1 on the desktop.

Last updated on Friday, February 7th, 2014 at 11:11 AM by trparky.