Hey Microsoft… you messed up!

Not only did the Windows 10 Anniversary Update manage to destroy webcam functionality for users across the world but you gone ahead and messed up again and broke Powershell too. Seriously Microsoft, what the heck is wrong with you? Didn’t you test this kind of stuff before you released it? Oh wait I forgot… you fired your QA team and replaced it with the Insider Preview program.

The Insider Preview program is a nice thing but there’s a problem… YOU DON’T LISTEN TO THEM! We were filing bugs for months before the release of the Anniversary Update but did you listen? Nope. In one ear and out the other. We were telling you that webcams were broken, but did you listen? Of course not! The whole Insider Preview program is nothing but a farce, a great big farce!

And of course because of Windows 10’s mandatory updates if something comes along and breaks things again, God forbid sending computers around the world into Blue Screen hell, we as users can’t escape from it because even if we managed to recover our systems from the botched update that same botched update will be downloaded and installed sending our machines once again into Blue Screen hell. Oh joy of joys! NOT!

To quote Paul Thurrot…

If Microsoft wants us to accept automatic updates without question, it needs to ship high-quality updates that do not break things. And so far, it is not living up to its end of this contract. You can complain all you want about Android or iPhone, but this is the type of thing that will really kill Windows. And the lack of trust that these kinds of mistakes engenders is irreversible.

If you ask me, Microsoft has managed to burn every shred of trust and goodwill that it had with their users. First the spying on everything we do on our Windows 10 systems and now this. If there was any other alternative platform where I could play my games I would jump ship from Microsoft so fast they would be able to hear the sonic boom all the way to Redmond.

Hey Tim Cook and Apple… there’s a whole untapped portion of the market begging to be let out of the Microsoft jail!

Last updated on Thursday, August 25th, 2016 at 8:44 PM by trparky.