Open Android vs. Apple iPhone

I’m not denying that Android is more open and that it does allow for the user to change a lot of stuff but outside a small circle of geeks, most people don’t change a thing about their Android phones. Geeks like to say that on Android you can change your launcher, your default web browser, email client, text messaging app, image/photo viewer, music player, camera, phone app, calendar, and everything else under the sun. But let me tell you something… 99% of users that aren’t geeks don’t change a thing about their Android phones, heck… most people don’t even change their ring tone for God’s sake. Do you have any idea how many people still have the default T-Mobile ring tone? Yeah… lots of people.

For those people who really couldn’t care one bit about how their phones work and just want it work, an iPhone is the best choice. It gives that category of users everything that they could ever need right out of the box with little to no tweaking or adding of things. If there is one thing that Apple excels at more than anyone else in the industry, it is ease of use. Everything a normal person could ever want is already on an iPhone ready to be used the moment they pick it up.

And the best part is, the device is supported. If you have a problem or a question and you don’t know the answer and you would rather talk to someone and not just a faceless user on a forum, you can call Apple or walk into any Apple Store and talk to a Genius Bar person and they can walk you through on how to do something. There’s no safety net for Android users and their devices.

And best of all, every iPhone no matter where you are in the world, no matter the carrier, it gets iOS updates the same day that everyone across the world gets it. If you ask me, that’s a big huge plus in my book. Android is an absolute mess when it comes to software updates.

For geeks, yes, Android may very well be a better platform but for the vast majority of people who just want it to work… Apple is best. There’s no arguing this.

  • George Flores

    I agree with you that most users don’t change a thing with their settings….but same goes for people that get iPhones aimlessly.
    I think many people just go to a store and get something that they think is a reasonable price. That may be why some people just get a random Android phone…their are cheaper choices.

  • Mr. Bill

    a lot of android phone users are just coming off their old feature phones – and will be totally thrilled by the smartphone. It does not take the iPhone to be a great smartphone. It also isn’t just about “customization”. Its that the OS allows me to “do more” (or have more feature choices), the same argument about using a windows machine over an iPad. The “more” in the smartphone world are things that “violate security” – the “open” part of android. An analogy is trump and his ban on people from certain mostly islamic countries. Are we more secure? Practically, no, but yes, in an “iPhone is more secure” way. My only concern is an all or nothing, apple is perfect, android is an insecure buggy mess view, that is what my arguments about android have to do with, not that tom isn’t “right” about choosing the iPhone for best security. Its just such a simplistic ‘we get it, already’ argument about android vs iOS perfection.
    Also to say “android is a mess” – my nexus 5x and galaxy s5 are not a mess. They are not “androids”, they are particular android-based phones. Both get security updates monthly. Its like saying white people are racists – its called stereotyping. Name a particular phone and i will discuss case by case if its a mess or not. Its really comparing “apples” and oranges.

    • trparky

      Where are these Android phones getting these updates? Certainly not in the United States where you’re pretty much at the mercy of your carrier to deploy the update. Most carriers in the United States would much rather you buy a new phone instead than to provide you a software update because of course this locks you into another “contract”.