Get Windows 8 to look like Windows 7, Aero and all…

One of the biggest gripes that I have with Windows 8 is that they took away Aero, the translucent window dressings that Windows 7 had. Many of us like that visual effect and to those of us that like Aero, Windows 8 looks hideous.

Until now.

I just found a theme on called Aero Ultimate. It says that it’s for Windows XP but it will install on Windows 8 with WindowBlinds 8. It makes Windows 8 look as close to Windows 7 as you can possibly get which is very awesome! Plus, the theme is free!

Many thanks to fediaFedia over on, his Aero Ultimate makes Windows 8 look awesome! Download it today!

Windows 8 (8.1) vs. The Power User, Part 2

I seriously hope that Microsoft turns around and gets their fingers unstuck from their ears and stops yelling “LALALALA I can’t hear you! LALALALA” because unlike years ago when Microsoft was king of the castle, there is now competition. They aren’t the only game in town now, people have choices now; be it MacOSX, Android, …

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