Flat UI design? WHY!?!?

Recently there has been some kind of movement towards a flat UI design. Personally I don’t understand the reasoning behind it. If you ask me, it’s hideous.

We worked for years on UI design to make people feel like the computer was more than just a tool, we made it feel like the computer was part of their life. Much of that was because we designed computers to be easier to use, easier to use programs, and user interfaces that felt like they weren’t just a part of a computer program but also felt like they were designed.

Now, it seems that we have all taken a giant step backwards and we’re all getting on the same bandwagon. It’s like we have fired all the artists and put the engineers in charge of UI design. Microsoft, Apple, hell even Android is getting in on the flat UI design. It’s hideous, I can’t stand this whole flat UI design. Has the whole computer industry gone mad?

Last updated on Thursday, February 13th, 2014 at 11:22 AM by trparky.