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Avoid Samsung SSDs at all costs!

This includes the new 850 series!

To those that may not know about the issue that has been plaguing many users who have both the 840 and 840 EVO SSD products, the 840 series (non-Pro) has a serious hardware design flaw in which data that is older than 60 to 90 days reads far, far slower than data that is newer. Some people have seen read speeds as low as 50 MB/s, yes you read right… 50 Megabytes per Second! That’s slower than slow notebook hard drives!

The reason is that the Samsung 840 and 840 EVO uses TLC NAND Flash Memory, specifically 19nm NAND Flash. There is much speculation but the most logical reason why the data read speeds become lower as the data ages is because of severe electron leakage between the NAND flash cells which results in a much larger voltage drift inside the NAND flash cell.

Lets rewinds back a couple of months ago to when Samsung acknowledged the issue in the first place. They promised a firmware fix for the SSD along with a performance restoration tool. All the performance restoration tool did was rewrite the data to get the data’s read speed performance back. The firmware fix promised that this issue would never come back because they supposedly tweaked the voltage calculation algorithms and that data read speeds would be consistent from there on out. Fast forward to today and we know that that promise was something not to be believed.

So here we are, owners of the Samsung 840 and 840 EVO drives sit with SSDs that will forever experience these data read speed slow downs along with a very good possibility that data may become corrupted in the SSDs due to voltage drift in the NAND cell. Samsung said that something would be coming out in March and again, here we are in April and nothing but silence from Samsung.

Samsung lied to us when they told users of the 840 EVO that the firmware fix will solve the issue. And then when the problem came back, they lied to us again when they said that they would deliver another supposed fix. Samsung has no intention of fixing this issue. They can’t fix this issue. This is a hardware design flaw and one that would need a worldwide recall of the 840 EVO and by extension the 840 but Samsung won’t do that.

So at this point I call upon all users to avoid Samsung SSDs at all costs! Hell, I’d go so far as to avoid all Samsung products. If it has Samsung’s name on it, avoid it like the plague! This includes SSDs, hard drives, computers, televisions, tablets, smartphones, etc. Anything made by them, do not buy! Boycott this lying and cheating company!