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The Samsung 840 EVO… An SSD with an obvious hardware design flaw.

The Samsung 840 EVO SSD has a very well known issue that results in reduced performance while reading older stored data. The issue manifests itself as reduced read speeds when you start to read data that is older than three months (90 days). This has been talked about in length on Overclock.net’s SSD forum as well as several reputable technology enthusiast news sites. Normally the SSD can read data from the drive at speeds around 500 MB/s but when reading older data read speeds can be as low as 50 to 100 MB/s which is drastically lower than that of the advertised speed of the SSD. This can effect the speed of loading programs as well as Windows itself.

Samsung admitted that there is indeed a problem and released a firmware patch back in October of 2014 that promised to fix the issue with the SSD. Now, several months later and we are back to where we started; reduced read performance. Samsung stated that they have plans to release some kind of software solution to improve performance of the SSD but that it would need to be done every couple of months. This is nothing but a band-aid, it is not a solution. It’s only purpose is to mask the issue and make it less noticeable to the users of the device.

The general consensus of users of the Samsung 840 EVO the world over is that this issue is a hardware design flaw and one that Samsung is simply trying to cover up.

I call on Samsung to refund or recall every single 840 EVO that has been sold.