The Death of Star Trek

Yes, I know… this isn’t a normal tech blog post but I think it needs to be said here. The Death of Star Trek is upon us, they’ve pulled the fourth Kelvin timeline Star Trek movie because the third one bombed so badly.

Now why did the third movie bomb so badly? It’s very simple Hollywood, I’m going to give you the answer is such simplistic terms that even you Hollywood idiots can understand. YOU DIDN’T GIVE US FANS WHAT WE WANTED!!! Instead of listening to what the fans wanted you listened to SJWs and the woke media. There’s a phrase that goes around the Internet… Get woke, go broke. Yep, that’s what happened. You got woke and now you’re wondering why you’re broke. Duh. The so-called woke people and the SJWs that you pandered to only represent a small portion of the market and they aren’t going to pay money to see your stuff so going after them is an economically bad idea.

Do you want to know how to make more money than God? Do you want to have the money rolling in so fast and in such huge quantities that you won’t know what to do with it all? You won’t be able to stash it away fast enough? The answer is… LISTEN TO THE FANS!!! Go to the Star Trek conventions, sit down and talk to the fans and really listen to us and take what we say to heart. Then and only then when you actually listen to us fans will you have something that fans will want to pay good money to watch and even buy on DVD/BluRay.