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Support for Windows XP discontinued

Update on Windows XP Support

I have restored Windows XP support for both Network Toolset and Linksys Firewall Log Viewer.  Both programs have been updated to support a legacy checksum that I’ve developed to verify the authenticity of the ports database file before loading the file into memory.  Unfortunately, to make the checksum functions compatible with Windows XP I’ve had to make the checksum weaker.  Hopefully this won’t reduce the security of the ports database file.

Windows Vista and newer will use the newer (and stronger) checksum as versus the legacy compatible checksum that I developed for Windows XP users.  Those who are using my programs on Windows XP I do encourage to upgrade to Windows Vista or newer.

Restore Point Creator and Wild Card File Delete are also still supported on Windows XP, though with some limitations.  Wild Card File Delete doesn’t have any features disabled on Windows XP, Restore Point Creator however does.  Restore Point Creator’s Restore Point Delete function is disabled on Windows XP because Windows XP doesn’t support that function so it has been disabled in the program.

From now on, programs will only be compatible with Windows Vista and newer operating systems.  You may find that the program works on Windows XP but officially I won’t support it on Windows XP.  This is simply because I do not have the time to do the proper testing across all of the various Windows platforms, especially older versions of Windows like Windows XP.  Windows Vista supports much of the same functionality and APIs that Windows 7 and 8 supports so I foresee no issues with Windows Vista.

On April 8th, 2014 I am officially pulling support for Windows XP from my programs. April 8th, 2014 is when Microsoft pulls support for Windows XP and I will too.