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For some reason that I have no reasonable idea why, Microsoft removed the ability to easily get into Safe Mode. Yeah… that’s right… they removed the easy way to get into Safe Mode. What an idiotic move!

Ok, so you have your machine running and it’s running great. Now, do these steps or believe me, you’re going to be sorry you didn’t do it before.

First, download this command batch file and save it to a good location, like your desktop.
Make Access to Windows Safe Mode Permanent in Windows 8.x and 10

Now, open up the Command Prompt as an Administrator. Yeah, that’s right… with the UAC prompt.

Once you have the Administrator Command Prompt open, execute the following commands…
cd %homepath%
cd desktop
Make Access to Windows Safe Mode Permanent in Windows 8.x and 10.bat

The MSCONFIG window should have popped up now. Go to the Boot tab. Select “Windows Safe Mode” in the list, check the “Safe Mode” check box, and click the “Network” radio button below. Click Apply. Now, set the Timeout to “3” seconds.

You can see what I mean by the following screenshot…
Note: The name of the boot entry item may be different.

And now, whenever you boot your computer you will have quick and easy access to Safe Mode whenever you need it, just in case you mess up your system.

Why Microsoft did this, I have no clue but it was really stupid of them to take away easy access to Safe Mode. What? Do they not expect Windows 8 to break? Yeah right.