Perhaps Microsoft has finally woken up from their drunken stupor…

Word on the street is that Microsoft has finally decided to admit that they were completely wrong with their “let’s shove ModernUI down everyone’s throats” idea. Did it really take Microsoft this long to realize that nobody in their right mind actually likes ModernUI? Did it really take Microsoft this long to realize that nobody likes the Windows Start Screen?

Apparently, it has. Unfortunately, they woke up too late. They have virtually killed the traditional desktop market. A lot of big-box stores that sell computers are struggling to sell new PCs because of Windows 8. A lot of people ask “Can I put Windows 7 on it?” If you have that many people asking that, you royally messed up!

Microsoft has finally woken up from their drunken stupor and realized that nobody likes Windows 8/8.1. We have only been screaming on the top of our lungs for the last year! How could you not have heard us!?!? Oh wait, I forgot… you had passed out from drinking too much of your Koolaid.

After nearly a year of the Internet community screaming that they want the old Start Menu back, Microsoft has finally admitted that they made a grave mistake. They have finally admitted that they hear our cries and that the Start Screen has caused a lot of negative feedback in the community.

A lot? Really? That’s like saying that the Cold War was a little tense. “A lot” doesn’t even start to cover the amount of negative feedback that was given when they took out the Start Menu.

Plus, not only that but the window dressings need some serious work. Square windows? No translucent window borders? Seriously?! Did we just step into the TARDIS and go back in time to 1995? It’s like you practically need WindowBlinds on Windows 8/8.1 to make it even come close to looking decent! I didn’t build a desktop with a decent graphics card in it to have Windows look like something that came from Windows 95!

Last updated on Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 at 3:38 PM by trparky.