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  • Charles Maou

    Does System resore creatore make automatic resore points when windows makes any updates?

  • John Terdik

    I attempted to submit using the form but I keep getting “The reCAPTCHA was incorrect” I even did the audio option and really did enter what I heard – still no success.

    • trparky

      I just tested it, it works. It may have been an issue with the reCaptcha servers.

  • Peter Smith

    Like John Terdik, I have been stopped from using the Official Contact Form because of repeated “The reCAPTCHA was incorrect” messages, so I’ll write here what I wanted to write there:

    Yawa2 updater is broken because Winapp2.ini has moved from (where there is still a static copy
    of v5.19.160702) to

    I assume you have the old address hard-coded. If you have the time,
    would you please fix it?

    • trparky

      Thank you for notifying me, the program has been updated and has been pushed to the web site.