Space 2315, Prologue

The beginning of this story takes place in a time in which Earth has plunged itself into a world war the likes of which the world has never seen. Beyond World War I, beyond World War II, it’s beyond anything the world has ever seen when it came to wars.

In the mid-2000, around the year 2030 specifically, many of the easily accessible natural resources of the planet were all but gone. The few places that these precious natural resources still existed in abundance were held in highly contested regions in which nobody agreed on who had control.

It wasn’t until the year 2040 in which many of the global economies ground to a halt. With no energy, be it in the form of coal or oil, those economies came to a screeching halt. A country couldn’t work, produce, and or operate without basic energy reserves. And those countries that still had energy reserves refused to share their reserves with the rest of the planet.

Throughout the years of 2050 and 2055, many of those countries that had little to no energy reserves felt a crunch the likes of which they had never seen. People went hungry and many died by the thousands. The few that still had energy reserves continued to horde those resources and refused to share.

A global famine and pandemic continued and ravaged many of the countries that were once part of the great NATO organization including Canada, the United States, Germany, Russia, and England.

In the year 2066 all-out war broke out between the haves and have-nots. This war-ravaged the Earth like no other war had ever ravaged the planet.

It was only after the year 2076 that the few remaining nations on the planet came to a truce but it was far too late. The war lasted almost ten years and left almost seventy-five percent of the world’s population dead. Food supplies were limited and those few natural resources that were left before the war were now even fewer in numbers. Twenty billion people were dead and countless millions were dying because of genetically engineered viruses, nerve agents, and various other toxins used throughout the war. Not only that but huge portions of the Earth were simply too toxic to inhabit due to the use of nuclear weapons. Humanity was on the brink of extinction and they did it to themselves.

It was only after two-hundred years did humanity find the collective courage and fortitude to pull themselves out of the hole that they had dug themselves into. Those two-hundred years were the worst years in the history of humanity.

But out of those two hundred years came some of the most important scientific advancements humanity ever came up with. Due to the war and the toxins that were used during it, humanity needed a way to solve those issues and thus nanomachine treatments were invented. Not only did these nanomachines cure most of humanity’s most deadly diseases such as AIDS and cancer but it had a side-effect as well, it significantly lengthened the lifetime a human could live. No longer were humans limited to 100 years of life, a human (as long as they received regular nanomachine injections) could live to nearly 175 to 195 Earth years old and not look a day over 65. Not only that but due to the massive use of nuclear weapons during the war humanity needed a way to reclaim the land that had been devastated by the use of said weapons and thus terraforming was invented.

Knowing that humanity was near extinction the last remaining coherent nations pooled their resources and came together to form a great nation; one that blanketed the planet under one single unifying government. The Human Federation. It was more than just a name; it symbolized a peace like none other. It symbolized the idea that humanity would never go to war and fight amongst each other again.

Soon it was apparent that humanity had to find natural resources elsewhere, so they turned to the stars. It took humanity almost twenty-five years to build an industry capable of being able to go to space, build in space, produce in space, and be able to sustain itself in space. That was when the Human Federation Space Force was founded.

The Human Federation Space Force was founded from all nationalities on Earth. Its charter was to find new planets among the stars on which humanity could once again rebuild their once great empire and to patrol and keep peace among their many colony worlds. And thanks to terraforming, even the nastiest of planets could be changed so that humans could live on the planet without having to deal with domed cities.

But peace, like all things, did not last very long. It was in the year 2312 that the Allied Colonies for Freedom broke away from Earth and their sister colonies. Why did they break away? It was simple. Many of the colonies that came together and formed the Allied Colonies for Freedom felt that Earth and the Human Federation government weren’t listening to them. Many of their requests were either silenced or appeared to not even reach the ears of the great Human Federation government. It was at that point in which humanity once again found itself plunged into war with each other.

The first chapter begins with two rather random members of the Human Federation Space Force that we later learn more about and as time goes by they learn that perhaps their relationship is going to be more than just a friendship.

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