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Restore Point Creator

With a heavy heart I have come to the conclusion that I’m going to discontinue this program. System Restore is just not reliable to use in case something does go wrong with your system. To keep supporting this program despite all of the issues that people have with System Restore I feel is a disservice to my users; they certainly deserve better.

I have fought with Microsoft System Restore for long enough and I’m just sick and tired of it. People have been reporting issues with System Restore not working for them and worst of all, System Restore not being able to restore a system back to a working state which makes System Restore completely unreliable for the purpose that it was made for.

At this point I recommend using Macrium Reflect, it’s a free solution for most people and will be guaranteed to be able to restore your system to a known working state. Yes, it takes a lot more effort than using System Restore since it requires you, the user, to create the disk images but it is far more reliable than System Restore and is 100% guaranteed to work every single time you need it to work.

For those users who have stuck by me for all these years, it’s been a fun ride. I thank each and every one of you. Unfortunately it’s time to get off of this bronco and let this program go.

For those of you who want an additional rant about all of this… open the spoiler and read below.

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Open Source Code Repositories
I have decided to make all source code for Restore Point Creator open to the public to view under the GPLv3 License. If someone wants to take over this… garbage heap of a program, go head. You will have a hell of a lot of people complaining that System Restore doesn’t work for them, that their systems lose Restore Points for no good reason, and general hate mail. You might even have people tell you that you’re less than human and other such derogatory things. You have been warned.
Restore Point Creator
Restore Point Creator Log File Viewer

The Final Update (July 24, 2018 — Version 7.1 Build 2)
This is the final release of System Restore Point Creator. This last version is a build combining most of the changes that occurred in the Public Beta Test Branch before I pulled support for this program back in March of 2018. This release does not change the fact that this program is no longer supported. All forms of contact have been removed from the program, that includes the Official Contact Form and the Crash Submission Form. Obviously I would not want to be contacted for a program that I no longer support.

I recommend that if you need this kind of utility, look somewhere else. System Restore is badly broken and Microsoft appears to have no inclination to fix it. I have tried to fix it myself, bend it to my will, but (sadly) I’ve been unsuccessful in this endeavor. System Restore is fundamentally broken and I cannot recommend anyone using it. If you need this kind of system utility I recommend using a full system backup suite like Macrium Reflect or any of the other disk imaging utilities that have shown to be far more reliable than System Restore.

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