YAWA2 Updater

Introducing YAWA2 Updater, or Yet Another WinApp2.ini Updater.

Yes, yet another another WinApp2.ini Updater program for the winapp2.ini file that CCleaner©.

Unlike some other programs that do the same thing that this program does, this program gives you the option to check for WinApp2.ini file updates automatically at user logon. It will check and apply the update for you silently with no user interaction. Plus, it has WinApp2.ini file trimming functionality (custom written by me) built into the program so that the resulting winapp2.ini file is custom built for your system’s software configuration.

It has custom entries section so that you can save rules that you have written yourself and will be applied to the winapp2.ini file when it’s written to disk.

The thing about this app is that you can set it up to check for INI updates at user logon (It’s completely UAC Friendly, no UAC prompts!). It will check for updates by reading in the version number of the current WinApp2.ini file that you have and compare it against the remote INI file’s version number. How does it do that? Simple, it only downloads the first 100 bytes of the remote INI file so as to save you and the server bandwidth. If, and only if, the two versions don’t match, it downloads the full remote INI file and applies it to the system.

Download for free today! (SHA1: BCACEA7F89E20F125735F29AF8820E2D19CFC761)

YAWA2 Updater, or Yet Another WinApp2.ini Updater, is now a fully open source project under the GPLv3 license. You can download the source code for the program and modify as you see fit as long as you contribute the changes back to the project. The project can be found at BitBucket.org. If you contribute any changes to the code and submit the patches to the “changes” branch, I will be glad to commit them to the master source tree.

Note: YAWA2 is now in maintenance mode, all development on new features has stopped; only bug fixes from this point out. If anyone wants to help out in this project, I’d be happy to accept it. Just make a pull request on Github and I’d be happy to merge it into the dev branch for testing and later inclusion in the release channel. Or better yet, if someone wants to fork the project… be my guest. Go ahead and do so.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 15th, 2022 at 8:09 PM.