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The Samsung 840 EVO performance bug is back…

It seems that the firmware “fix” that Samsung put out nearly three months ago to correct the read speeds of old data on the 840 EVO did nothing.

A number of users over at the Overclock.net Forums, including myself, are experiencing the same very issues with the SSD that Samsung claimed the firmware “fix” would correct. You can see (at the link below) that a number of users have posted screen shots of HD Tune clearly showing that the issue still exists.


I was one of many users who were seriously hoping that this issue would be laid to rest with the firmware “fix” but based upon the benchmark data that’s been posted, that clearly isn’t the case. At this point, we need to make Samsung know that users of the 840 EVO want compensation for the flawed hardware and that we expect nothing less than a recall of the flawed hardware and replacement with new SSDs.

Some people are experiencing average read speeds as low as 280 MB/s which doesn’t even come close to saturating a SATA 6 Gbps data channel. This is exactly what a lot of us started seeing when the data on the SSD became about 2 month old, from that point on it would drop lower as the age of the data increased.

I wrote an email to Tom’s Hardware and TweakTown.com and so far I’ve received an email from an editor at TweakTown.com stating that an article is going to be hitting the front page within the next five hours. I’ll be sending an email to someone at AnandTech as soon as I find some contact info.