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My new wireless carrier… AT&T Wireless

After spending almost six months in hell with Verizon dealing with horribly bad signal and dropped calls, I finally switched to another wireless carrier.  AT&T Wireless.

They are like a breath of fresh air, I can finally make and receive calls and texts all without worrying if my phone is going to drop the signal.  Plus, the 4G network is far better than Verizon’s Network was.  There are small tiny pockets where AT&T doesn’t have LTE in but they are by far smaller than Verizon had in my city.  Not only that, if I don’t have LTE with AT&T I drop down to their HSPA+ network which delivers 4g LTE-like speeds, unlike Verizon in which I dropped down to 3G more often than not and their 3G CDMA network was extremely overloaded to the point where their 3G CDMA data network was near useless.

So yes, AT&T is like a breath of fresh air for me.