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Home of my tech rants, free programs, and a story or two…

Now powered by Cloudflare

I’ve finally gotten around to adding Cloudflare to this web site.

What does this mean? It means that once a person has visited a page on this site it’s cached in Cloudflare’s massive worldwide content distribution network. What does that mean? It means that no matter where you are in the world, you will always have ultra fast access to this web site as if it’s hosted geographically close to you even though the server that actually hosts this site is somewhere in Texas.

It also means that if the server goes down for some reason, Cloudflare will continue hosting it as if nothing happened.

Downloads were broken…

Yes, I know downloads were offline much of today and a part of yesterday. I was working on the download count script that I use to track how many people download my programs.

Right now, downloads are fixed so things should be back to normal.

The main site has been deleted

The main site, the site that used to be here at this site, has been deleted.  All that exists at this site is this blog.

I have also discontinued support for all of my various programs that I’ve written in VB.NET and those programs will no longer be available for download.  Sorry, but that is the case.  No one is using the programs.  How do I know this?  It’s simple… no bug reports.  I’m the only one finding the bugs in my programs.  That tells me no one is using my programs at all.  Hence the reason why I’m deleting the main site and just leaving this blog here where I will talk about various topics of technology that interests me.