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Microsoft OneDrive vs. Google Drive

And the winner is… Microsoft OneDrive.

Yes, I know… I have been critical of Microsoft and in a lot of cases they deserve it but when it comes to Microsoft OneDrive vs. Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive wins. The syncing of data between PCs using Microsoft OneDrive is far more stable, accurate, and faster than Google Drive in nearly every category. Google Drive used to be good but lately it’s become less and less stable at keeping files synced between multiple machines.

Samsung… Is it the end of their reign in the kingdom of Android?

Samsung’s past smartphones may have been innovative but their recent crop of devices have nothing but minor additions to past models. Simply put, they have been riding the coattails of their past Galaxy phones and most people have noticed that. That and the fact that even a two year old device still can meet the …

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Google and the FTC OK, so Google gets off the hook for anti-trust infringement regarding their search but still get slapped on the wrist for their mobile patents? While Google traditionally has only used patents defensively, after they acquired Motorola’s mobile device patents they continued that company’s practice of suing to block competing products if companies don’t pay …

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