Microsoft’s got a new CEO (rumored)

Rumor has it that Microsoft already has a new CEO lined up for the top spot in the company and that person is Satya Nadella.

OK, who is this guy? This guy is virtually unknown from outside of the company, but inside is a completely different story.

Satya Nadella has worked at Microsoft for more than 20 years. So if you think that Microsoft needs someone who knows the internal culture of Microsoft and knows the company inside and out, you really can’t go wrong with picking Satya Nadella.

Now, for some background on this guy. Satya Nadella first joined the company in 1992 where before that, he was at Sun Microsystems. He has also served in a number of other executive-type roles since before being picked (rumored) for the Microsoft CEO position. He started out at Microsoft in the Windows developer-relations group and moved on to the online services division. In recent years, he built up Microsoft’s cloud computing efforts as the executive VP of its Cloud and Enterprise group.

Unfortunately, with all of that being said above he has never run a company from the top spot. He has however worked as a member of some kind of technology staff at Sun Microsystems along with holding key roles at Microsoft, but never served as an actual CEO. Then again, the Microsoft division he has ran for a number of years is a $20 billion business, larger than many tech companies by themselves.

One of his key visions is the creation of better user interfaces and better backends. Let’s see, better user interfaces. Let’s hope that means that Metro is going to taken out back and shot, Old Yeller-style. Because, believe me… it needs to be. Metro is a horrible concept and is completely alien to what people expect from Windows. Windows consists of windows, program windows. NOT LITTLE COLORFUL SQUARES!

There also seems to be a strong liking of him inside Microsoft. He is highly respected by his peers inside the ranks of Microsoft. This guy has actual technical backgrounds. We can’t say that about Ballmer. Ballmer and his crew have been one of the most hated groups of people inside Microsoft and the complete corporate dysfunction inside Microsoft’s walls is proof of that.

Does this all mean that we’re about to see a complete 180 on behalf of Microsoft? Does this mean that Microsoft is finally going to start fixing itself? Listening to their customers? We don’t know, but we can certainly hope that will be the case. Does that mean that Metro is going to be taken out back and shot at dawn? Again, we don’t know but we can certainly hope that’s the case.

Last updated on Sunday, February 2nd, 2014 at 8:40 PM by trparky.