Windows 8.1… more of the same train wreck, part 2.

Until Microsoft wakes up and realized that the ModernUI stuff just doesn’t work on a traditional desktop, future versions of Windows will be a turd. ModernUI along with all of the various touch gestures is fine on a touch screen device but that’s because those two interface functions were built for touch screen environments. Getting them to work on a non-touch screen device is a chore.

For instance, the Charms Bar. OK, where do I put my mouse cursor to get it? Do I put my mouse cursor in the corner or on the side? Do I just put the mouse cursor there or do I have to drag the mouse cursor? Do I have to hold the mouse cursor down then drag? Or do I just drag the mouse cursor with no mouse button down? Of all of the interface changes that make absolutely no damned sense on a traditional desktop environment, it’s the Charms Bar. On a touch screen device the chances of getting the Charms Bar is more successful since the finger on the screen isn’t as accurate as the mouse is. Maybe if they made the activation region for the Charms Bar larger so that mouse users could use it properly it wouldn’t be so bad.

As for the Start Screen, that is an abomination on the desktop. It may make sense on touch screens since you have a finger to be able to swipe the many, many times you’re going to need to to find your programs but for a mouse user it’s a complete pain in the ass.

Yes, you can install many of the various Start Menu replacement apps such as StartIsBack, ClassicShell, or Start8 but there are many PC settings/Control Panel applets that send you right back into the abomination for desktop users that’s known as ModernUI.

Windows 8 wouldn’t be so damned bad for traditional desktop users if it wasn’t for these glaring issues. Listen up Microsoft, for Windows 9 check to see if the user has a touch screen, if they do give the ModernUI stuff but if they don’t give the user the traditional desktop environment that we’ve all be using for more than a decade. You’re alienating your biggest customer base, the traditional desktop user by shoving a user interface that was never intended for a traditional desktop down those user’s throats. Look at your user statistics! If a majority of users are installing a Start Menu replacement app such as StartIsBack, ClassicShell, or Start8… you have a serious problem on your hands! Open your eyes Microsoft… before it’s too late!

Last updated on Monday, December 9th, 2013 at 11:43 AM by trparky.